Our blood is truly a window into the health of the body. Blood tests help doctors check for certain diseases and conditions by detecting the abnormalities in the body before the occurrence of any disease. On a major level, blood sample results can help doctors evaluate how well organs—such as the kidneys, liver, thyroid, and heart—are working.

Horizon diagnostics utilizes unrivalled technology with machineries like Mispa Nano, Mispa Neo, Mispa i2, Mindray BC 3000, Coagulometer, Electrolyte analyzer, Maglumi 1000 for analyses which allows out pathologists to pay attention into the smallest details.

Most common blood tests :

Simira Diagnostic is the best pathology lab that offers modern and advanced pathology services under one roof. Our state-of-the-art pathology center is fully equipped with modern equipment and apparatus required for multiple tests and diagnostic services.

We even offer 24*7 home collection services at your doorstep and follow all protocols according to the NABL accreditation. This makes the pathology test reports highly authentic, reliable and trustworthy.

We offer the best pathology lab near me with experienced and professional phlebotomists committed to providing quality, affordable, and reliable pathology services to our patients.

Types Of Tests Conducted In A Pathology Center

A pathology lab is where different diagnostic tests are conducted for analysing and diagnosing the presence of any disease/medical condition in individuals.

The different types of tests conducted in a pathology lab include:

And more.

Important Things You Must Know Before You Visit A Pathology Center

  1. The Services Offered By The Pathology Lab

Before you visit a path lab, it is essential to know more about the services offered by the lab. Well-renowned pathology labs provide multiple services such as various kinds of blood tests and diagnostic services like X-ray, ECG, and more.

2. Cost Of The Tests

The best pathology labs offer affordable and reliable tests with quality diagnoses at the best prices. Always visit a lab that has a good reputation and fits your budget.

3. The Team At The Lab

One of the essential things to know before you visit a path center is the experience and credibility of the phlebotomist team working at the lab. A well-qualified and experienced team and a well-trained staff ensure quality testing and diagnostic services. Know more about the experience and credibility of the lab team before you visit the pathology center.

4. Hygiene Maintenance

Pathology laboratories are visited mainly by patients. Hence, proper sanitisation and hygiene maintenance are crucial. An appropriate routine of sanitisation must be followed by the lab daily as this maintains cleanliness. Hygiene maintenance is vital for maintaining the reputation of the pathology lab.

Simira Diagnostic is a credible pathology center and is a reliable choice for anyone looking for quality and affordable lab & diagnostic services. 

We offer multiple health packages that comprise necessary path tests. This helps individuals analyse their present health conditions and even helps in the early diagnosis of life-threatening diseases. 

Our helpful and well-trained staff is always present to guide you through your journey at a simira diagnostic center.

We are proud to have a pathology lab & diagnostic center across New Panvel, Kalamboli, Kharghar, Kamothe and Karanjade.

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