Simira Diagnostics is one of the reputable and Best Sonography Centers in New Panvel. We are a reputable diagnosis facility offering accurate medical diagnosis and quick report delivery.

A transducer, a device used in sonography, is placed on the skin’s surface to transmit ultrasound waves while simultaneously listening for an echo. The ultrasound waves are converted into images by a computer. Structures in the image can be seen, measured, and recognized by a trained technician. A healthcare professional then interprets the images to assist in the diagnosis of the current issue or problem.


After your examination is finished, a medical professional (radiologist) who has been trained to interpret imaging studies reviews the images and you will get the reports the same day.

Following the sonography, you should be able to resume your regular activities right away.

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  • Simira Diagnostics, the Top Sonography Scans in New Panvel, nurtures the goal of assisting the community to become a place where people live healthier lives.
  • We surround you with cutting-edge medical technologies to provide you with top-notch healthcare
  • Our skilled medical team makes an effort to offer the most individualized care. Additionally, we use our medical knowledge to help patients be healthier.
  • In case of pregnancy, our skilled professionals will explain the health and stages of the baby's growth inside the womb using visual aids.
  • We at our diagnostic center allow one relative inside the sonography room to give our best and most friendly services.

Yes, it is safe as many studies have shown no likely effects on you or your unborn baby.

You may get your sonography results in 24 hours.

It may take almost 20-40 minutes.

Dress comfortably for your Sonography in New Panvel. You might be asked to take off your jewellery during your sonography so leaving any valuables at home is a good idea.

Sonography is safe here at Simra Diagnostics as a trained medical professional performs it. While the sound waves used in sonography are potent and may heat body tissues and potentially create small gas pockets in tissues or fluids. However, we have been safely using sonography for five years with an impeccable safety record.

Before having a scan of your unborn child or your pelvic region, you have to drink water and wait to use the restroom until after the scan.

Before a scan of your digestive system, which may include the liver and gallbladder, it may be necessary to fast for a few hours.

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