Echocardiography Procedure in Kalamboli

  • Echocardiography is a quick and painless process, and the whole 2D test is usually over within an hour. Before a 2D echo, your doctor may advise you to fast for a few hours.

  • The doctor will inject saline solution or a dye into one of your veins after you lie down on the examination table, remove all clothing above the waist, and put on a hospital gown. This facilitates the development of more precise cardiac images on the screen.

  • Your chest is covered in a number of soft, sticky patches called electrodes that are used to track the heart’s electrical activity.

  • Next, your chest is treated with some gel to do the 2D echo. This gel facilitates the passage of sonar waves to your heart.

  • Then, to capture sharp images of your heart on the screen, a handheld device known as a transducer is moved over the area where the gel has been put.

  • A computer transforms the echoes from the transducer into images of your heart that appear on the screen.

  • After the test is finished, the gel is finally removed, and you are then free to leave.

  • A physician or cardiologist will then examine these findings to look for any irregularities in your heart’s operation.

  • You will get your 2D Echo Test results in Kalamboli within 24 hours.

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Yes, at Simira Diagnostics we do have experienced trained technicians to conduct sonography tests.

Your doctor will recommend a 2D test to analyze and treat any heart issues at the early stages, keeping you healthy and active as you grow old.

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It takes almost 10-30 minutes.

The typical 2D echo test is not painful. While the probe is being moved, a tiny amount of pressure is given to your chest, which can be slightly uncomfortable.

A 2D Echo test shows the actual motion of your heart structures.

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