Simira Diagnostics, one of the Best 2D Echo Test Centers in Kamothe, provides patients from Kamothe and surrounding areas with excellent, specialized imaging and medical care. At Simira Diagnostics, we go above and beyond to make sure that our patients receive the highest quality medical care.

In Kamothe, echocardiography is utilized to “see” the real motion of the structural parts of the heart. A cone-shaped 2-D echo image depicting the motion of the heart’s structures in real time is displayed on the monitor. This makes it possible for the doctor to examine and evaluate various heart structures.

You can have an Echocardiography in Kamothe at Simira Diagnostics at affordable prices.


The test photos will be provided to you when your 2D Echo Test in Kamothe is complete, either printed on paper or on a DVD. Your doctor can then analyze the results to look for any anomalies or new disorders.

After your 2D Echo Test in Kamothe, no particular type of treatment is normally needed. You can resume your regular diet and activity unless your doctor advises differently.

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  • Simira Diagnostics, the Top 2D Echo Clinic in Kamothe, nurtures the goal of assisting the community to become a place where people live healthier lives.
  • We surround you with state-of-the-art medical technologies to provide you with top-notch healthcare.
  • Our skilled medical team makes an effort to offer the most individualized care. Additionally, we use our medical knowledge to help patients be healthier.
  • The technicians at Simira Diagnostics will make every effort to ensure you have a positive experience with the 2D Echo Test in Kamothe. They will make an effort to make you feel comfortable during the exam and provide you with clear and comprehensive results.

There are no special preparations needed for transthoracic echocardiography as usual practice. As standard, you may eat, drink, and take medications. Your doctor will suggest that you fast for a few hours before transesophageal echocardiography.

A 2D echo test typically lasts between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

The foundation of echo imaging is 2D imaging, which enables real-time viewing of moving structures in a cross-section of the heart (two dimensions). It is employed to find anomalous anatomy or unusual movement of structures.

There are almost no risks involved with using this imaging technique. The placement of the transducer may put pressure on the body's surface and be uncomfortable. Due to needing to sit still on the exam table throughout the procedure, some patients may feel pain or discomfort.

For an echocardiogram, you should put on loose, comfortable clothing.

Your 2D echo results might be available to you within 24 hours of the examination.

Consult your doctor with your echocardiogram reports, s/he will let you know

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