Types of blood tests are available in Kamothe

Complete blood count (CBC): This test counts your red and white blood cells, platelets, and haemoglobin, among other components of your blood. A CBC is frequently a component of a routine checkup. Call us to know the CBC Cost in Kamothe.

Basic metabolic panel: This is a collection of examinations that check the levels of various blood chemicals like calcium, glucose, and electrolytes.

Blood enzyme tests: The substances known as enzymes regulate chemical reactions in your body. The various blood enzyme tests are varied. Tests for troponin and creatine kinase are two of the most popular kinds. These exams determine whether you have had a heart attack and/or whether your heart muscle is injured.

Blood tests to detect heart disease: These comprise a triglyceride test and a cholesterol test.

Tests for blood clotting are also called a “coagulation panel.” These tests can identify conditions that result in excessive bleeding or clotting.

Tips to prepare for your Blood Test in Kamothe

Most blood tests don’t require any special preparation in advance. Before some tests, you might need to fast for a few hours; your healthcare provider will give you any additional instructions if there are any that need to be followed.

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  • Being the Top Pathalogy in Kamothe, Simira Diagnostics fosters the objective of helping the neighbourhood become a place where people live healthier lives by offering blood tests at reasonable prices.
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If you have a lab request, you can walk in and get your testing services handled. Or, you can place an online or call us for blood testing with Simira Diagnostics. We also provide a home sample collection. Just inform us, and we'll come to take your blood for the test.

Yes, we adhere to a strict code of confidentiality and keep all your personal information to ourselves.

After your blood is drawn, you will receive your blood reports in 2-4 hours.

  • Complete blood count (CBC). 
  • Basic metabolic panel. 
  • Blood enzyme tests. 
  • Blood tests to check for heart disease. 
  • Blood clotting tests also known as a coagulation panel.

There are various types of blood tests, some of them are:

  • Complete blood count.
  • Basic metabolic panel.
  • Comprehensive metabolic panel.
  • Lipid panel.
  • Thyroid panel.
  • Cardiac biomarkers.
  • Sexually transmitted infection tests.
  • Coagulation panel.

Oxygen rich blood is taken by veins.

Your blood will need to be sampled by a medical professional. Another name for this is a blood draw. Venipuncture is the term for drawing blood from a vein and it is mainly practised when collecting blood samples from your place.

Using a tiny needle, a lab professional will draw blood from a vein in your arm during venipuncture. A small amount of blood will be collected into a test tube or vial after inserting the needle. The needle may sting slightly as it enters or exits your body. Usually, this only needs a few minutes.

There are additional methods for conducting a blood test, including:

Pinprick Test: You must prickle the tip of your finger for this test to obtain a tiny amount of blood. Rapid tests and at-home test kits frequently use finger prick testing. Rapid tests are simple to use, yield results quickly and require little specialised equipment.

Heel Stick Test: On newborns, this is most frequently done. A healthcare professional will clean your baby's heel with alcohol and poke it with a tiny needle during a heel stick test. A few blood samples will be taken, and the wound will be bandaged.

A glucose challenge test is a unique test that your doctor may recommend if you're pregnant or otherwise. Before the blood test, you must consume 75 grams of glucose (Glucon D) in a glass of water. Do not consume anything during that time, either.

Fasting for 8 to 10 hours or overnight is necessary for blood sugar tests.

A sample of your PP blood sugar or PLB5 is taken two hours before you eat.

Before taking a blood sample for lipid profile, you must fast for 10 to 12 hours.

A clean catch, midstream urine sample will be needed for the urine routine and urine culture test. The Simira Diagnostics staff will explain the procedure and provide the container. You must collect urine samples for a full 24 hours in order to participate in a urine 24 hours test. The lab staff will explain any specific exemptions, such as restricting particular foods or drugs, to you in accordance with your test requirements.

Do not stop taking your medication before a test if you regularly check your thyroid, blood sugar, or prothrombin time. Please provide information about any changes in medication dosage at the time of blood collection.

The tests will be performed after the skilled professionals draw your blood. The tests are reviewed by a medical professional who has received training in interpreting these studies, and you will receive your Blood Test results the same day.

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