Simira Diagnostics is one of the trustworthy and Best Blood Test Centers in New Panvel. We are a reputable Best Blood Test Pathology in New Panvel that provides prompt report delivery and precise medical diagnosis.

The methods for conducting a blood test, including:

A test with a pinprick:
You must prickle the tip of your finger for this test to obtain a tiny amount of blood. Rapid tests and at-home test kits frequently use finger prick testing. Rapid tests are simple to use, yield results quickly, and require little specialized equipment.

Heel stick test:
On newborns, this is most frequently done. A healthcare professional will clean your baby’s heel with alcohol and poke it with a tiny needle during a heel stick test. A few blood samples will be taken, and the wound will be bandaged.


After your blood is drawn, the skilled professionals will run the tests. A medical professional who has been trained to interpret these studies reviews the tests and you will get the reports the same day.

Following a Blood Test in New Panvel, you should be able to resume your regular activities right away.

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  • Being the Best Blood Test Centers in New Panvel fosters the objective of helping the neighbourhood become a place where people live healthier lives.
  • To give you top-notch medical care, we surround you with state-of-the-art technology.
  • Our highly trained medical staff works hard to provide the most specialized care. In addition, we use our medical expertise to improve patients' health.
  • Simira Diagnostics offers blood sample collection. Our Pathology in New Panvel offers a dependable and practical practice for patient diagnosis.

Blood tests are done to find out how well your organs are working and to detect if any issues are there so that they can be planned to be treated accordingly.

It hardly takes 5-10 minutes for a blood test.

The price depends on what kind of blood test you will perform. Well, to know the exact cost price you may call us at +91 7790098009

For the majority of blood tests, no special preparation is necessary. You might need to fast (not eat or drink anything) for a few hours before some tests. If there are any special instructions to follow, your healthcare provider will inform you of them.

We accept all kinds of payment forms (card, UPI, cash).

No special instructions are required for blood tests, but some blood tests require fasting before performing them, so consult your doctor.

No, fasting is only needed for a few tests like lipids, glucose, etc. Consult your doctor if you need to fast or not for the prescribed blood test.

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