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Sonography is a low-cost imaging procedure. Some pregnant parents choose to get a 3D or 4D 3D/4D Sonography in Karanjade throughout their pregnancy. The newborn is depicted in three dimensions in the 3D photograph, while the baby is depicted in the animated video in 4D, which was recorded over time. This 3D / 4D SONOGRAPHY, also known as “entertainment tests”, are carried out at our sonography Centers in Karanjade.

A sonogram assesses, identifies, and treats various medical disorders, from lumps to kidney stones. Its most frequent use is to monitor a fetus’s growth and hear its heartbeat during pregnancy.


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A single technician performs a sonogram right at the patient's bedside. You will be asked to take off enough clothing to reveal the area where the test will be done, and then the technician will ask you to lie on the bed.

The technician will apply conductive gel, which has the consistency of lubricating jelly, to the transducer. The gel will ideally be heated, depending on the equipment and materials at hand. The technician occasionally applies hard pressure as they glide the transducer across the skin. On rare occasions, the force could seem a little uncomfortable.

The technician will use the transducer to mark regions of interest, then take pictures on the computer and draw lines on the screen with a mouse. The lines function as a kind of digital yardstick to measure size. You ought to be able to observe the entire process and even ask questions at specific points.

To get a better diagnosis, a full bladder pushes the uterus in a position where our radiologists can see it better, and can adequately visualize the uterus and ovaries.

Our board-certified radiologists who have expert knowledge in studying these images will interpret your sonography.

X-ray uses ionizing radiation, while Sonography uses sound waves for better diagnosis and has significant risks.

The technician will typically give you a cloth to wipe up the conductive gel after the ultrasound is finished. You can put on clothes once the technician ensures that all the required photos have been taken. There are no additional guidelines or damaging effects to take care of.

Post your sonography, you will receive the results within 24 hours.

Yes, we do email the reports, just share your email id with us beforehand.

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