Blood Test

Test ID Test/Profile name Patient Fees Test Schedule
8769 Histopathological examination of – Testicular biopsy Rs.1,500.00 Daily: 9am
11840 Soluble CD25 ( IL 2 –Receptor)** Rs.1,000.00
11744 Anti-21-hydroxylase antibodies – serum** Rs.6,500.00 Daily: 7.30am
11493 CHIMERISM (Post transplant) Rs.7,425.00 Daily: 9 am
11489 Sickle Cell Anemia Mutation – Prenatal Diagnosis Rs.6,000.00 Wed and Fri: 9 am
11465 Fragile X (FMR1) – CGG Repeat Analysis Rs.18,500.00 Tue and Fri: 9 am
11353 "Combine screening of Pre- eclampsia & Trisomy’s" Rs.2,750.00 "Mon, Thu: 7:30am"
8116 HIV-1 Drug Resistance – Extended (PI, NRTI, NNRTI, INSTI) Rs.4,200.00 "1st & 3rd Mon : 9:00am"
11203 "CMV VIRAL LOAD/ GCV RESISTANCE – CMV COMBI TEST**" Rs.1,680.00 Tue : 9:00am
10973 16s rRNA Sequencing – Bacterial Identification Rs.350.00 Daily : 9:00am to 9:00pm
10580 Myotonic Dystrophy – Type 2 (3q 21) Rs.22,000.00 Daily: 7:30am
10552 LHON (Leber”s hereditary optic neuropathy) by PCR** Rs.22,000.00 Daily: 7:30am
10422 William’s Syndrome-Microdetetion of chromosm7q11** Rs.22,000.00 Daily: 9am
10184 C2 - complement fraction – serum** Rs.1,170.00 Daily: 7.30am
9763 Histopathological examination of – Testicular biopsy Rs.1,300.00 Daily: 9am
9546 Phadiatop Allergen screening - Adult Rs.1,280.00 Daily: 9am
9551 Allergen,Individual-Animal Guinea Pig Epithelium Serum Rs.1,280.00 Daily: 9am
9555 Allergen-Dermatophagoides Pteronyssinus ( House Dust Mite) Rs.1,280.00 Daily: 9am
9572 Allergen-Banana (Kela / Musa Spp.) Rs.1,290.00 Daily: 9am
9578 Allergen-Brazil Nut (Bertholletia excelsa) Rs.1,450.00 Daily: 9am
9579 Allergen-Cabbage (Gobi / Brassica oleraceavar.Capitata) Rs.1,280.00 Daily: 9am
9580 Allergen-Cardamon (Elettaria cardamomum) Rs.1,280.00 Mon,Thu: 9am
9581 Allergen-Casein (Milk Protein / Dahi) Rs.1,280.00 Daily: 9am
9582 Allergen-Cashew (Nut Kaju / Anacardium occidentale) Rs.1,280.00 Daily: 9am
9583 Allergen- Celery (Apium graveolens) Rs.1,280.00 Daily: 9am
9584 Allergen-Cheese Cheddar Rs.1,450.00 Daily: 9am
9585 Allergen-Chick Pea (Kabuli Chana / Cicer arietinus) Rs.1,280.00 Daily: 9am
9586 Allergen-Chicken Meat (Murgi) Rs.1,280.00 Daily: 9am
9590 Allergen-Coconut ( Narial /Cocos nucifera) Rs.1,280.00 Daily: 9am
9545 Allergy Screening IgE With PhadiaTop (Child Below 5 y) Rs.1,280.00 Daily: 9am
9547 Phadiatop allergen screening - Infant (For Below 5 yrs) Rs.1,280.00 Daily: 9am
9548 Allergen-Cat Dander Rs.1,470.00 Daily: 9am
9549 Allergen-Cow Dander Rs.1,280.00 Daily: 9am
9550 Allergen-Dog Dander Rs.1,280.00 Daily: 9am
9552 Allergen-Horse Dander Rs.1,280.00 Daily: 9am
9554 Allergen - Dermatophagoides Farinae (House Dust Mite) Rs.1,280.00 Daily: 9am
9556 Allergen - Hollister-stier Labs house dust Rs.1,280.00 Daily: 9am
9558 Allergen-ACTH Rs.1,280.00 Daily: 9am
9560 Allergen-Diclofenac (pain killer) Rs.1,280.00 Mon,Thu: 9am
9562 Allergen-Insulin Human Rs.1,450.00 Daily: 9am
9564 Allergen-Penicilloyl G ( Antibiotic) Rs.1,280.00 Daily: 9am
9566 Allergen-Cephalosporin (Antibiotic) Rs.1,280.00 Mon,Thu: 9am
9567 Allergen-Almond (Badam / Amygdalus communis) Rs.1,280.00 Daily: 9am
9569 Allergen-Apple (Safarchand / Malus X Domestica) Rs.1,280.00 Daily: 9am
9571 Allergen-Bakers Yeast ( Saccharomyces cerevisiae) Rs.1,300.00 Daily: 9am
9573 Allergen-Basil Ocimum Basilicum Rs.1,280.00 Daily: 9am
9575 Allergen-Beta - Lactoglobulin- Milk (Milk protein) Rs.1,300.00 Mon,Thu: 9am
9576 Allergen-Black Pepper Piper nigrum Rs.1,280.00 Mon,Thu: 9am
9577 Allergen-Blue Mussel (Mytilus Edulis) Rs.1,290.00 Daily: 9am
9587 Allergen-Chilipepper Capsicum frutescens Rs.1,280.00 Daily: 9am
9588 Allergen-Clove (Syzygium aromaticum) Rs.1,280.00 Mon,Thu: 9am
9589 Allergen-Cocoa (Chocolate / Theobroma cacao) Rs.1,280.00 Daily: 9am
9591 Allergen-Cod Fish ( Machhli / Gadus morhua) Rs.1,280.00 Daily: 9am
9592 Allergen,Individual-FoodCoffee Rs.1,280.00 Daily: 9am
9593 Allergen-Coriander Rs.1,290.00 Mon,Thu: 9am
9596 Allergen-Crab (Cancer pagurus) Rs.1,280.00 Daily: 9am
9597 Allergen-Egg White (Anda) Rs.1,300.00 Daily: 9am
9598 Allergen-Egg Yolk (Anda) Rs.1,280.00 Daily: 9am
9599 Allergen-Garlic (Lehsoon / Allium Sativum) Rs.1,280.00 Daily: 9am
9600 Allergen-Gluten Rs.1,450.00 Daily: 9am
9601 Allergen-Green Pea Rs.1,300.00 Daily: 9am
9603 Allergen-Kiwi Fruit (Actinidia deliciosa) Rs.1,290.00 Daily: 9am
9604 Allergen-Lemon (Nimbu / Citrus limon) Rs.1,280.00 Daily: 9am
9605 Allergen-Lentil (Masoor Dal / Lens esculenta) Rs.1,280.00 Daily: 9am
9606 Allergen-Mango ( Mangifera indica) Rs.1,280.00 Daily: 9am
9607 Allergen-Mushroom champignon / Agaricus hortensis Rs.1,280.00 Daily: 9am
9608 Allergen-Mustard ( Sarson / Brassica / Sinapsis Spp.) Rs.1,280.00 Daily: 9am
9610 Allergen-Olive (Olea europaea) Rs.1,400.00 Daily: 9am
9611 Allergen-Onion ( Piaz / Allium cepa) Rs.1,280.00 Daily: 9am
9612 Allergen-Orange (santra / Citrus sinensis)** Rs.1,300.00 Daily: 9am
9614 Allergen-Paprica (Simla Mirchi / Capsicum annuum) Rs.1,280.00 Daily: 9am
9615 Allergen-Peach (Prunus persica) Rs.1,280.00 Daily: 9am
9617 Allergen-Pear (Pyrus communis) Rs.1,280.00 Daily: 9am
9618 Allergen-Pecan nut (Carya Illinoensis) Rs.1,280.00 Daily: 9am
9619 Allergen-Pineapple (Ananas) Rs.1,280.00 Daily: 9am
9621 Allergen-Plaice Fish (Pleuronectes platessa) Rs.1,290.00 Daily: 9am
9622 Allergen-Pork (Pig meat) Rs.1,450.00 Daily: 9am
9624 Allergen-Rice (Chawal / Oryza sativa) Rs.1,300.00 Daily: 9am
9625 Allergen-Salmon (Rawas fish / Salmo salar) Rs.1,280.00 Daily: 9am
9676 Allergy panel - Eczema Basic Rs.10,000.00 Daily: 9am
9677 Eczema Comprehensive Veg Rs.10,000.00 Daily: 9am
9678 Eczema Comprehensive Veg + non Veg Rs.1,280.00 Daily: 9am
9679 Allergy panel-foodVegetarians Panel Rs.1,280.00 Daily: 9am
9680 Allergy - GIT Panel Rs.3,500.00 Daily: 9am
9681 Allergy - Vegetarian + Nonvegetarian Panel Rs.2,500.00 Daily: 9am
9682 Allergy-GIT Pane l(Veg + Non Veg) Rs.3,000.00 Daily: 9am
7823 Allergy - Non-vegetarian Panel Rs.3,500.00 Daily: 9am
9683 Allergy-Nuts Panel Rs.5,500.00 Daily: 9am
9684 Allergy - Spices Panel Rs.6,000.00 Daily: 9am
9685 Allergy - Milk & Milk Product Panel Rs.7,500.00 Daily: 9am
9686 Allergy - Vegetable-1 Panel Rs.1,280.00 Daily: 9am
9687 Egg & Egg components Rs.7,500.00 Daily: 9am
9688 Allergy - Fruit Panel Rs.7,500.00 Daily: 9am
9689 Allergy - Drug Panel: ( Maxi ) Rs.1,500.00 Daily: 9am
9690 Allergy - Dust Panel Rs.4,500.00 Daily: 9am
9691 Allergy-Grass Panel Rs.6,500.00 Daily: 9am
9692 Allergy - Trees pollen Panel Rs.4,500.00 Daily: 9am
9693 Allergy - Weeds pollen Panel Rs.4,500.00 Daily: 9am
9694 Allergy - Mold-2 Panel Rs.2,000.00 Daily: 9am
9695 Allergy - Environmental Panel Rs.7,500.00 Daily: 9am
9696 Allergy - Animal Panel Rs.1,500.00 Daily: 9am
9697 Aspergillus broncho pulmonary aspergillosis (ABPA) Rs.4,000.00 Mon,Thu: 9am
9698 Food Intolerance (Vegetarian panel) Rs.1,500.00 Daily: 7.30am
9699 Food intolerance Test Rs.3,700.00 Daily: 7.30am
9700 Allergen-Amoxicillin (Antibiotic) Rs.7,500.00 Tuesday & Friday 9am
9701 Allergen-Ampicillin (Antibiotic) Rs.6,000.00 Tuesday & Friday 9am
7824 Simihealth Allergy Panel Food Veg Rs.1,500.00 Mon,Thu: 9am
7823 Simihealth Allergy Panel Food Non Veg Rs.1,000.00 Mon,Thu: 9am
7825 Simihealth Allergy Panel Polans & Contacts Rs.7,500.00 Mon,Thu: 9am
7822 Simihealth Allergy Panel Drugs Rs.1,500.00 Mon,Thu: 9am
9702 Simihealth Allergy Panel 1 Rs.1,500.00 Mon,Thu: 9am
9703 Simihealth Allergy Panel 2 Rs.1,500.00 Mon,Thu: 9am
9704 Simihealth Allergy Panel 3 Rs.9,900.00 Mon,Thu: 9am
9705 Allergen-Sulpha (Antibiotic) Rs.1,500.00 Tuesday & Friday 9am
9706 Histopath-Amputations-Limb with required spe Stain Rs.7,500.00 Daily: 9am
9707 Histopathology with reflex IHC_H0824 Rs.1,500.00 Daily 9am
8301 Histopathology-Appendix with required spec stain Rs.6,500.00 Daily: 9am
9708 Histo-Bone Marrow spc stain & Reflex IHC Rs.7,500.00 Daily: 9am
9709 Bone marrow comprehensive panel Rs.7,000.00 Daily: 9am
9710 Histo-Bone specimen with spe stain & Reflex IHC Rs.1,650.00 Daily: 9am
9711 Histopathological examination of- Brain Tissue Special stains & Reflex IHC Rs.12,100.00 Daily: 9am
9712 Histopathological examination of- Breast Lump with special stains Rs.2,200.00 Daily: 9am
9713 Histopathological examination of- Breast MRM / Breast Conservative surgery, comprehensive Includes IHC, Reflex FISH Rs.4,640.00 Daily: 9am
9714 Histopathology-Buccal Mucosal Biopsy Rs.7,500.00 Daily: 9am
9715 Cell block Rs.1,500.00 Daily: 9am
9716 Histopathology-Cervix Biopsy Rs.4,500.00 Daily: 9am
9717 Histopathological examination of- Cervix Cone Biopsy Reflex IHC and CISH Rs.1,800.00 Daily: 9am
9718 Histopathological examination of- Colectomy kras mutations, Special stains & Reflex IHC Rs.1,500.00 Daily: 9am
9719 Histopathological examination of- Commando With RND/MND Rs.2,200.00 Daily: 9am
9720 Histo endobroncheal/ Laryngeal biopsy Rs.4,500.00 Daily: 9am
9721 Histo-Endometrium (D&C) with Sp stain & Reflex IHC Rs.2,500.00 Daily: 9am
9722 Histopathological examination of- Eye ball Specimen Special stains & Reflex IHC Rs.7,500.00 Daily: 9am
9723 Histology - Eyelid Biopsy Rs.1,800.00
9724 Histopathological examination of - Fallopian tube Rs.7,500.00 Daily: 9am
9725 Histopath-Fistula in Ano with required spe stain Rs.1,800.00 Daily: 9am
9726 Histology Frozen Section (Intra Operative) Day ( 8am to 8pm ) Rs.3,000.00 Daily: 9am to 5pm
9727 Histopathology-Gall bladder Rs.2,000.00 Daily: 9am
9728 Histopathological examination of- Gastrectomy Special stains & Reflex IHC Rs.2,000.00 Daily: 9am
9729 Histo-GI Endoscopic Bx with Sp stain & Reflex IHC Rs.4,500.00 Daily: 9am
9730 HPV associated Squamous cell carcinoma profile (p16INK4a by IHC & HPV DNA by PCR) Rs.7,500.00 Daily: 9am
9731 Histopathological examination of- Hepatic Resection Special stains & Reflex IHC Rs.7,500.00 Daily: 9am
9732 Histo-Hirschprung`s disease Sp stains & Reflex IHC Rs.7,500.00 Daily: 9am
9733 Histopathology-Kidney Biopsy with special stains Rs.3,600.00 Daily: 9am
9734 Electron Microscopy** Rs.1,500.00 Daily: 9am
9735 Histo-Laryngeal Biopsy with reflex IHC Rs.1,630.00 Daily 9am
9736 Histo-Liver biopsy with Sp stains & Reflex IHC Rs.7,500.00 Daily: 9am
9737 Histopathological examination of- Lung (Lobectomy) Special stains & Reflex IHC Rs.7,500.00 Daily: 9am
9738 Histopathology - Lymph node with required special stains Rs.2,000.00 Daily: 9am
9739 Histopathological examination of- Mediastinal Mass Special stains & Reflex IHC Rs.1,500.00 Daily: 9am
9740 Histopathology-Muscle biopsy with required special Rs.1,500.00 Daily: 9am
9741 Histopath-Nasal polyp with required special stain Rs.3,250.00 Daily: 9am
9742 Nasal Polyp with reflex IHC Rs.550.00 Daily 9am
9743 Nasopharyngeal Biopsy with reflex IHC Rs.4,500.00 Daily 9am
9744 Histopathological examination of- Nephrectomy (Non Tumorous) Includes special stains Rs.2,000.00 Daily: 9am
9745 Histopathological examination of- Oesophagectomy Reflex IHC Rs.7,500.00 Daily: 9am
9746 Histo-Orchidectomy with Sp stains & Reflex IHC Rs.3,340.00 Daily: 9am
9747 Histopathological examination of- Ovarian Mass (Large) Special stains & Reflex IHC Rs.1,500.00 Daily: 9am
9748 Histo-Ovarian mass (small to medium) Reflex to IHC Rs.1,100.00 Daily: 9am
9749 Histopathological examination of- Penis Rs.2,000.00 Daily: 9am
9750 Histopathological examination of- Placenta Rs.7,500.00 Daily: 9am