A 2D echocardiography, often known as a 2D echo, is a heart examination that uses ultrasound to create an image of the organ. To put it another way, an echocardiogram is a visual representation of the beating heart. A 2D echo test is performed at Simira Diagnostics in Karanjade by one of our skilled doctors.

Simira Diagnostics is the Best 2D Echo Test Centers in Karanjade, as our skilled medical team makes an effort to offer the most individualized care. Additionally, we use our medical knowledge to help patients be healthier.

Results of a 2D ECHO test

The Echocardiography in Karanjade results gives a great notion of the heart’s anatomy, function, shape, and movement of the muscles, valves, and chambers.

The findings can aid in properly diagnosing various heart conditions that may require a consultation with a cardiologist for a course of therapy.

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First, the test is conducted using a handheld transducer that can be moved to a patient's bedside.

A technician will apply several pressure points to your chest with the transducer head that transmits ultrasonic waves. The heart will begin generating images immediately, giving you detailed perspectives of the organ.

The doctor can instruct you to remain calm, take slow, even breaths in and out, hold them, or lie on your left side. The technician will keep adjusting the transducer until the doctor is satisfied with the images generated. The 2D Echo Test in Karanjade lasts 30 to 60 minutes on average.

2D Echo tests are done to detect any abnormalities of the heart functioning, any blood clots, it basically diagnoses malfunction of the heart so further treatments are planned for any developing disease.

Yes, it would be best if you fasted, that is, not to have any food before 4 hours of the test. However, you may consume water. Additionally, avoid smoking and caffeine 24 hours before the 2D echo test.

There are no specific preparations needed for 2D Echo Test in Karanjade; however, it is encouraged that everyone, especially those with diabetes, consult their doctor before beginning or modifying any medication or habit.

2D echo test takes 30 minutes to 1 hour.

No, the 2D Echo test doesn’t hurt. Still the probe is being moved over the chest giving a tiny amount of pressure, which can be slightly uncomfortable.

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