Are you looking for the Best Blood Test Centers in Kharghar? Then, we at Simira Diagnostics offer the greatest and top-notch blood tests in Kharghar, with cutting-edge treatment and knowledgeable, friendly service.

We have made the process of Blood Tests in Kharghar exceedingly simple for you by offering home sample collection for lab testing and speedy result delivery.

Most Common Blood Tests In Kharghar

Complete blood count (CBC):

This test counts your red and white blood cells, platelets, and hemoglobin among other blood constituents. A basic checkup typically includes a CBC. Get the CBC Cost in Kharghar by calling us.

Basic metabolic panel:

This group of tests looks at the concentrations of different blood molecules like calcium, glucose, and electrolytes.

Lipid panel:

It is commonly recognized that this test category is the best option for determining the ratio of good to bad cholesterol. Usually, it’s advised to fast for eight hours before the test.

Vitamin Test

A person’s nutritional status can be assessed via vitamin blood tests, which measure the body’s stores of vital nutrients and look for deficiencies, such as vitamin deficiencies.

The DHEA sulphate serum test, a coagulation panel, a thyroid panel, blood clotting tests, and others are examples of additional blood tests offered in Kharghar. Every one of these tests is essential for finding serious illnesses so that a person can get medical attention immediately.

The good news is that Simira Diagnostics offers blood test facilities from home, so you don’t need to go to the Pathalogy in Kharghar.

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2D Echo test results provide insight into the function, structure, shape, and movement of the heart muscle, valves, and chambers.

The Echocardiography results in Kharghar can help diagnose various heart problems that may require consultation with a cardiologist for an accurate diagnosis and further treatment.

For standard transthoracic echocardiography, no specific preparations are required. You may consume food, liquids, and prescriptions as usual. Your doctor will advise you to fast for several hours before transesophageal echocardiography.

The dangers associated with this imaging method are minimal to none. The transducer's location, which might exert pressure on the body's surface, may cause discomfort. Some people may experience pain or discomfort from having to remain still on the exam table for the duration of the treatment.

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It provides the following information about the heart: 

  • The size of the heart chamber, its volume and the thickness of the walls.
  • The pumping function of the heart. 
  • Valve functions such as its structure, depth, as well as its movements.  
  • Pericardial effusion, congenital heart disease, blood clot or tumor, etc. 

Simira Diagnostics is the Best 2D Echo Test Centers in Kharghar. As we make echocardiography in Kharghar easier, faster, and more results-oriented for all of our patients, we have built the most comfortable, advanced infrastructure and equipment, that is progressive and the best in Kharghar, as well as the we have the most experienced and friendly, and well-trained healthcare staff.

We provide a high-quality 2D Echo Test in Kharghar under the guidance of experienced radiologists. We have an affordable 2D Echo Cost in Kharghar. Visit us at Simira Diagnostics for accurate and timely diagnostic services.

You may wear loose, comfortable clothes for an echocardiogram.

Within 24 hours of the examination, you may receive your 2D echo results.

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