What Is a Hemoglobin Test and How Does It Work?

In this blog, let’s study the hemoglobin blood test, how it works and what one can expect from this test.

What is a Hemoglobin test?

A hemoglobin test determines how much hemoglobin is in your blood; hemoglobin is a protein in red blood cells that transports oxygen to organs and tissues and carbon dioxide from organs and tissues back to the lungs.

If a hemoglobin blood test shows that your hemoglobin level is lower than normal, you have a low red blood cell count (anemia). Anemia can be caused by various factors, including vitamin deficiencies, bleeding, and chronic disorders.

If a hemoglobin test reveals a higher-than-normal level, various possible explanations include the blood condition polycythemia vera, high altitude living, smoking, and dehydration.

A hemoglobin blood test determines how much hemoglobin (Hb or Hgb) is in your blood. This protein in your red blood cells (RBCs) transports oxygen and carbon dioxide from your lungs to the rest of your body. A change in hemoglobin levels is frequently a symptom of illness. Your body may not have enough energy to function properly if you don’t get enough.

A routine check-up includes a blood test to measure hemoglobin. If your healthcare providers are concerned about your health, they may prescribe a hemoglobin test at the nearest pathology center.

A hemoglobin test may be performed for a variety of reasons, including:

  • To evaluate your overall health. 
  • To identify the source of a medical ailment.
  • To keep track of a medical condition. 

How Does Hemoglobin Blood Test Work?

A tiny needle will be used by a health care expert in pathology center to draw blood from a vein in your arm. Following needle insertion, a little amount of blood will be collected in a test tube or vial. When the needle goes in or out, you may feel a slight sting, and this usually takes under five minutes.

A hemoglobin test requires no specific preparation, but if your doctor has requested further tests on your blood sample, you may need to fast (not eat or drink) for several hours before the test. If you need to follow any particular instructions, your doctor will let you know. A blood sample is delivered to a laboratory for analysis while you can resume your normal activities immediately following the collection of the sample.

What to expect if you take this test?

After the test is done, you have to wait for the results while the normal hemoglobin range is:

For Men: 13.2 to 16.6 grams per deciliter 

For Women: 11.6 to 15 grams per deciliter 

Children’s healthy weight ranges differ depending on their age and gender. The range for a healthy hemoglobin level varies slightly amongst medical practices.

Your doctor will go through the hemoglobin test findings with you, and depending on the results of the haemoglobin blood test, the doctor will give you the necessary treatment for your health. The underlying illness will determine the treatment and you should consult your doctor about treatment alternatives. If you are being treated for a blood issue, you may get hemoglobin testing regularly.

However, it’s ideal to search and visit the “nearby diagnostic centrefor ease of convenience when taking a hemoglobin blood test.

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