Yersinia Enterocolitica Culture only Stool

Faecal specimens for the etiological diagnosis of acute infectious diarrhea should be collected in the early stage of illness and prior to treatment with antimicrobials. A stool specimen rather than a rectal swab is preferred. Antacids, anti-diarrhea medication or oily laxatives should not be used prior to collection of the specimen. Do not collect more than 2 specimens/patient without prior consultation with clinician. Test stool for Clostridium difficile toxin for all patients with clinically significant diarrhea and a history of antibiotic exposure. Specimens should not be sent for inpatients after 3rd day of hospitalization without prior consultation. The faeces specimen should not be contaminated with urine. Do not collect the specimen from bed pan. Collect the specimen during the early phase of the disease and as far as possible before the administration of antimicrobial agents. Place specimen in a clean leak proof container and transport to lab within 2 hours. If more than 2-hour delay is expected then place in Cary- Blair transport medium. If Cary Blair not available transport under refrigeration (2- 8°C). If a stool specimen is not available, the following are suitable alternatives for culture:  A swab of rectal mucus, or  A rectal swab inserted one inch into the anal canal.
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test schedule: Daily : 9:00am to 9:00pm
tat: 72 hours
department: Infectious diseases
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