Neonatal Screen-II

Dried blood spot: 1 drop of heel prick or finger prick blood on special filter paper DBS card. DBS card to be send in Ambient temperature only . Newborn Screening sample is obtained in the hospital between 48 hours and 5 days of age, or as close to discharge as possible if discharged prior to 24 hours of age. Baby DOB, sample collection date and relevant clincial history mentioned on DBS card to be filled mandatory. Positive screen cases may require repeat testing or further workup in terms of confirmation by plasma or LCMS or GCMS method. No foreign substances should contaminate the filter paper.The blood should fill all printed circles and is applied evenly on one side of the filter paper only, free of layering and clots. The specimen should be dried in a horizontal position for at least three hours, away from direct contact with surfaces, heat, and sunlight. Plz provide blood transfusion histroy and sample to be collected post 72 hrs after transfusion.Spot Urine:10 ml of Spot urine required with clinical history and clinician number.Amino acid Plasma: 3 ml of separated EDTA plasma required . Sample to be shipped at Frozen condition . Sample stable at refrigerated condition 2 to 8 degree for 1 day. Clinical history, metabolic disorders or inborn errors of metabolsim suspicion or provisional diagnosis of clincian required fasting recommended not mandatory. Amino acid supplementation or medications needs to stoped based on physician recommendations
test id: 8085
test schedule: M, W, F : 7.30am
tat: 24 hours
department: New born Screening & Amino acids
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