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Sodium citrate vaccutainer should not be the first vaccutainer for collection (follow order of draw - refer BD chart) . If only coagulation tests are referred then discard the first flow of blood in another vaccutainer and then collect in Sodium citrate vaccutainer upto the mark. One part of Sodium citrate (3.2%) should be mixed with 9 parts of whole blood. mix it by gently inverting the vacutainer 3 to 4 times. History of medication, liver disorders, anti thrombotic therapies should be mentioned on TRF. Platelet Poor Plasma: Centrifuge the sample at 3500 rpm for 20 minutes to separate the clear plasma. Separate the clear plasma in a plain plastic vial and again centrifuge for 15 minutes. Plastic vial in which the supernatant (Platelet poor plasma) is transferred should be properly labeled. Collection time should be mentioned on the respective vial. Quantity of Platelet poor plasma should be minimum 1 ml. Transportation or shipping guidelines: Clear plasma obtained by above procedure should reach at testing laboratory within 4 hours, stored at 2 to 8°C. If transportation time is beyond 4 hours then citrated plasma should be sent in cold chain i.e. in frozen condition. Frozen plasma containing vial must be packed in the small Styrofoam box. This box must be placed in dry ice so that it lies in between two layers of dry ice. The quantity of dry ice used for the shipment must be enough, to maintain the specimen in frozen condition until it reaches at Metropolis, Mumbai.
test id: 6492
test schedule: Daily: 9am and 5pm
tat: 6 hours
department: Coagulation studies (Hemostasis)
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