HMGco Ab, Serum

1. Serum : 3 ml of serum for single test and 5 ml serum for profiles and reflex tests. 2. Plasma : 3 ml of EDTA plasma or heparin plasma to be send in aliquot tube at proper temperature. 3. EDTA Whole blood: 3 ml of EDTA whole blood in vacutainer. 4. CSF : 2 ml of CSF in leakproof container (folin vu conical tube is recommended to prevent leakage). 5. Spot Urine : 10 ml of Spot sample in Leakproof container. 6. Stool Sample : 100 gms of stool in leakproof container. History of medicines, morning sample preferred. 7. 24 H urine: 24 hour Urine should be collected in mug and transferred to relevant Urine container with or withoout preservative. 20 ml of aliqout to be send to lab in refrigerated condition alongwith clincial history and mention Urine volume of 24 Hr collected sample for calculation purpose. Time of collection, start time to end time and exclude first urine sample and include last voided urine sample. Many analytes like VMA, 5 HIAA, adrenaline may require drug avoidance as well as bananas, tea , coffee , cold drink avoidance for accurate results and such history to be conveyed to lab. 8. VMA test : Do not consume bananas, pineapple, chocolates, coffee, icecream, high diet in cereals and vanilla, potatoes and B complex 48 hours before collection. Provide CT scan , USG report and medication history. 9. International outsource : Catergory R for refered and I for international. Plz enquire before sending sample for arrangemnt of proper courier to international lab . Additional sample tubes may be needed for sample adequacy. TAT may vary based on information by concenred lab of delay. Courier charges have to be paid extra based on sample temperature condition and shipment.
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