Culture and Identification, Anaerobic bacteria Stool For C.Difficile

Swabs are not the preferred collection method for anaerobic culture. Draining pus or aspirate is the preferred specimen for anaerobic culture. Specimens likely to contain anaerobes as normal flora are not ideal for anaerobic culture. These include coughed sputum, gastric contents, skin/ulcers/decubitus/superficial wounds, feces for C.difficile, urine, nasopharynx secretions, vaginal secretions, cervical, uterine, seminal fluid, perirectal, BALs, and small bowel contents. Thioglycollate broth is used for transport of specimens at ambient temperature.
test id: 10971
test schedule: Daily : 9:00am to 9:00pm
tat: 120 hours
department: Infectious diseases
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