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Simira Diagnostics is a trusted and leading diagnostic and pathology center that offers affordable vitamin deficiency tests.

A vitamin deficiency test helps you diagnose any of your body’s deficiencies. The test helps monitor the various vitamins in your blood and determine the deficiency in the body that can lead to multiple health disorders.

The vitamin deficiency test is a blood test, so it is done quickly and without pain.

Vitamin d3 is a vital nutrient required by our bodies, transforming into a hormone in the bloodstream, helping absorb calcium and phosphate. An essential nutrient, vitamin d3 helps maintain healthy bones and teeth, including the body's overall health.

Vitamin d3 also helps the kidney recycle the phosphate back into the bloodstream, resulting in an appropriate balance of the pH levels.

A Vitamin D3 test, also known as the cholecalciferol test, measures the levels of activated vitamin D or calcitriol in the bloodstream. The test helps check bone disorders and monitors asthma, psoriasis, and autoimmune diseases.

The symptoms of vitamin d3 deficiency include:

  1. Rickets
  2. Liver problems
  3. Bone disorders
  4. Hair loss
  5. Back pain
  6. Cognitive problems
  7. Cramps
  8. Constriction of blood vessels
  9. Underperforming thyroid gland

The Vitamin d3 test is done for the following reasons:

  1. Obesity
  2. Lack of sun exposure
  3. The Elderly
  4. People with a risk of low vitamin d
  5. People have undergone gastric bypass surgery

Vitamin b12 is an essential vitamin required for brain and nerve functioning and plays a crucial role in hair quality and the development of red blood cells. A vitamin b12 test is done to measure the vitamin b12 level in the body and determine the risk of vitamin deficiency.

  1. Confusion
  2. Poor memory
  3. Dementia
  4. Fast heartbeat
  5. Difficulty in maintaining balance
  6. Depression
  7. Sore mouth or tongue
  8. Numbness and tingling in the feet and hands
  9. anaemia

You should take a vitamin b12 test when symptoms like anaemia, nervous system problems, etc.

Some individuals are at a higher risk of vitamin b12 deficiency due to preexisting health conditions or age and must undergo regular vit b12 tests to check their vitamin b12 levels.

Simira Diagnostic offers home test services where our experienced pathologists come to your home to take the vitamin deficiency test. Our patients can now sit back and relax in their homes and get tested for vitamin deficiency!

We also offer pathology home sample collections and quick report generations that make our patients' lives easier.

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